Young Business People Would Prefer A Family Member To Be Their Business Partner

The Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard has become an important tool for small business owners, helping them to succeed but according to a recent report, the Whiteboard is not the only thing that is important when starting a business.

A survey by Barclays found that when a new business owner is looking for a partner, they prefer to go into business with a relative rather than a friend or business associate. According to the report, 40 per cent of 18-34 year olds have gone into business with a relative to help them succeed.

Chris Bracken from The Whiteboard shop said: “When starting a business it is important to have the right equipment, the funding as well as the right people with or behind you. It is understandable young people starting a business would rather go into business with a relative to help them succeed. By having someone they know and trust, it makes the working relationship much easier which helps with the success of a new business.

When it comes to finding a family member to go into business with, 27 per cent surveyed said they would prefer to go into business with their brother or sister while 9 per cent said they would go into business with their father.

One of the main reasons why more people setting up a business would like a family member to join them is trust. According to the people surveyed, they wanted a business partner they could trust and felt a family member was much more trustworthy than a friend.

When starting a business, young people worry about what equipment they should buy and if they have enough capital for a business to succeed, and by having a business partner it reduces the stress they go through.

With a lot of young people going from college and university to start their own business, they understand how important whiteboards are which includes The Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard. With this type of whiteboard being used in schools, colleges and universities, young people have experienced their value and include this item as part of their start up cost.

The Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard is not the only piece of equipment young new business people like to buy. Apple Macs have become a firm favourite with young people rather than the traditional PC.

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