There are many styles of whiteboard here at The Whiteboard Shop that drop in to the standard whiteboard category and are designed with a specific use in mind, for example to gain as much whiteboard surface area in relatively possible in a small area a space saving whiteboards has been designed which is basically two or three standard whiteboards hinged together depending on size. There is also a whiteboard wall which consists of many unframed whiteboards butted together to make one large white board wall, these boards can be cut to fit specific spaces.


The standard Whiteboard have many different styles by implementing a varied selection of frames the look of the whiteboards can be changed to suit the environment that you are buying the white board for, we also supply the unframed white boards with or without colour edges which can co-ordinate or contrast the space that the whiteboard is intended for.


You have also got to look at the amount of usage your whiteboard is going to receive, if you are looking at using the whiteboard in an industrial environment, school or college where the whiteboard will be getting daily use, you may be better looking at one of the vitreous enamel steel whiteboards which have a 25 year guarantee



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