The Colour of your Whiteboards and Noticeboards can be an Emotional Choice

When you are considering which colour to choose when looking for whiteboards and Noticeboards so the choice you make is correct for the setting, take a moment to consider the emotional impact.

The following colour descriptions should give you something more to think about, before making your decision just remember while deeper shades give you a relaxed feel, the brighter shades provoke a calls-to-action.

The darkest shades help create an immersive effect. Choose well so as not to be disappointed.

Colours and Emotions

As you can see below there is a lot more to the colours you choose than just their visual impact.

Black: A solid, strong, powerful colour, strength with stability, a colour that shows high emotion and intelligence. Whiteboards and Notice boards both are available in black glass, black frame and black felt. So why not cross over to the dark side.

White: The colour of creativity, purity and cleanliness, White is a safe colour which is neutral and perfect for the blank canvas of a whiteboard with the frame colour that most suites your personality or the environment in which the whiteboard is sited. Be creative.

Grey: If you’re looking to be middle of the road colour then grey could be for you, practical and timeless are but two characteristics of the colour Grey. Silver is also associated with Grey and is of strong character to give assistance where needed.

Red: Always the one to attract attention, the flag of danger or the red carpet to welcome, an energetic and dominating colour not to be ignored. Are you brave enough.

Orange: Without the severity and impact of Red, Orange is much more playful and impulsive and can also suggest vibrance and vitality in many areas. So if excitement is what you are looking for in your office, home or School then you know the colour to choose for your Notice Board or Whiteboard Frame.

Blue: A colour that is often associated with cold but also has the ability to calm the senses and offer wisdom, loyalty and dependability. A blue framed Whiteboard or blue felt Notice board would be perfect for business as Blue is the colour of Trust.

Green: Mostly associated with the peace and harmony of nature and life in general with a feeling of warmth and stability. Green is also a colour which is often used for a call to action within health and business environments so a good colour for your Notice boards to draw attention.

Purple: Offering the feel of Luxury Purple has often been the choice of Royalty, this is a colour that gives you the feel of elegance and quality even if it’s on a budget Noticeboard the look is of a high end product. Depending on the shade of choice, you go from Spring and Romance at the lighter end of the spectrum to a Sensual Mystery feel at the darker end.

Yellow: The feel good colour, so if you want to put a smile on peoples faces then this is the colour for you, Yellow is associated with laughter, happiness and optimism but also activates the anxiety centre in the brain so the stronger shades of yellow can also be used as a warning colour.

Beige: Last but not least let’s look at Beige, although not a primary colour it’s very popular as one of those colours that just seems to fit in with the surrounding décor. If you have a message you want to stand out on your Noticeboard then the neutral effect that beige offers is the one to go for.

So as you can see there is a lot more going on when it comes to choosing your colour, whether it’s a colored frame on your Whiteboard, Glass Coloured Whiteboard or the felt backing and frame of your Noticeboard, colour plays a large part of your choice when it comes the emotions.