Magnetic Whiteboards

A magnetic whiteboard has all the uses of a standard whiteboard but with added bonus of being magnetic so it can be used in conjunction with magnetic numbers and letters which is great fun for leaving simple messages and as a learning aid for children, add memos to the white board with the aid of steel strength magnets or turn your magnetic whiteboard in to a gridded board with the aid of Magnetic Tape so as you can see the magnetic whiteboard is very versatile


The magnetic whiteboard is available as a standard board with all fixings included to attach to the wall but if you need to use the white board in more than one room or you wish to move the board to a storage area as you don’t have a wall available then you may consider the mobile magnetic whiteboard which gives the standard magnetic whiteboard the ability to be transported to other areas.


The main types are the standard steel coated magnetic whiteboard which is the most popular magnetic whiteboard, we sell followed by the shield design which has a modern contoured frame available in a choice of colours. Glass whiteboards are also magnetic and give a stylish finish in any position and finally we have the vitreous enamelled steel magnetic whiteboard which has a 25 year surface guarantee which are usually supplies in to education and industry as they are ideal for heavy use.


Most of the smaller magnetic whiteboards are available for quick delivery 2-3 days although the larger of the boards are delivered using the manufacturers own transport to limit damaged as the last thing you want is your whiteboard being delivered damaged and then waiting for replacement to be sent again. You can email for a delivery timeframe to put your mind at ease.


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