Coated Steel Magnetic Whiteboard Will Hold Up To The Wear And Tear Of The Office


Magnetic WhiteboardIf you are looking for a long lasting whiteboard that will hold up to the wear of tear of the office, then let me introduce you to our Magnetic Whiteboards, priced at just £25. from The Whiteboard Shop Pease feel free to view this product

It is important when choosing a whiteboard that you choose one, which is suitable to you and your requirements. As we know, whiteboards are not created equal, and costs vary depending on the type of whiteboard that you require.

Our Magnetic Whiteboards, which are very popular whiteboards with office workers as well as teachers, when used with dry wipe markers and magnets they allow for fast, interesting illustration of your work. With a five year surface guarantee, it gives the office manager peace of mind he is buying a product that will stand the test of time. View Here

This type of whiteboard is very durable and resistant to stains and scratches. The hard Whiteboard surface does not wear away over time, and cleans easily, we recommend that you use cleaning fluid and cloths or wipes which are available at The Whiteboard Shop.

It is not just the office environment the Magnetic Whiteboards are popular with; teachers are looking for a whiteboard that will handle the wear and tear that can be caused by students over a period of time.

Our Magnetic Whiteboards can also be used as noticeboards, attaching important information and displaying it in any area of a building without worrying about damage.

Clubs, pubs and fitness clubs like to use our Magnetic Whiteboards as a noticeboard due to it being able to withstand any wear and tear and damage that could be caused in a busy environment. With free delivery and from just £25.00, it has become a very popular Whiteboard. Have a look for yourself at