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With the economic problems of recent years and with the high level of unemployment and the worry about job security, more people than ever before are considering becoming their own boss.

Here at The Whiteboard Shop we have seen a lot of new customers come to us and buy our Key-colour Whiteboard, as an important piece of equipment for their new business. So we decided, with all the new customers who have told us they are starting their own business, we would come up with some tips on becoming your own boss.

Think of a business where people want to buy what you sell

A lot of people will start a business without doing any real research. It is important to look at what people are buying at the present moment. Think about what you could sell and then do a survey of at least one hundred people to find out if they would be interested in buying your product.

Get the cash flowing as soon as possible

When starting a business it is important to get the cash flowing straight away. A lot of new businesses make the huge mistake of offering credit when they start their new business when they do not have enough capital. If you are looking to offer credit then you have two options. 1) Ask for a deposit, or 2) Wait until you have enough capital to run your business.

Always find ways to keep your costs low when buying equipment

It is important when starting your business that you keep your costs low and buy equipment that you need at low prices. For example, the Key-colour Whiteboard, which starts from £29.99 so Straight away you are saving money on the price, but also you are saving money on the free delivery that is being offered.

Always look for great deals when buying equipment for your business.

Free Marketing

When a business starts up, one of the biggest problems is local newspapers sniff them out and start contacting them to sell advertising. This is a huge problem and new business owners should avoid placing adverts in their local newspapers when they do not have enough free money.

The best way to promote your business is through free marketing. Think of a story about your business that the newspapers would be interested in, and then send them a press release.

More people will read a story about your business than read your advert.

Good luck with starting your new business.


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