Features of a Mobile Whiteboard

Ever since their invention, whiteboards have come a long way. They are not just used as fixtures in schools and universities; they are now being widely used in hospitals and other organizations where information has to be displayed to the audience. Even offices need whiteboards as an essential tool because they can come into use in many different ways. The staff can perform brainstorming sessions, write down ideas, give notes or even leave a message on the board. These whiteboards are being used for various purposes now. Speaking of usage, variety in whiteboards has massively improved. From a traditional whiteboard that is mounted on the wall to the most responsive electronic whiteboards, you can just find anything according to your requirement.

What is a mobile whiteboard?

Among the many types available, mobile whiteboards has also proven to be a worthy type. It’s the movable whiteboard which has replaced the traditional wall mounted ones. You can flip the whiteboard and its back has another white surface where you can write. There is no need to mount this type of whiteboard on the wall because it comes with its own stand. It has more style, it is more functional and it offers a better usage. If there are space constraints in a workplace or there is no such wall where the board can be fixed, all you need is a mobile whiteboard.


Mobility of the whiteboard counts if you need to use it in more than one room. You won’t have to purchase a new whiteboard for each room. The mobile whiteboard comes mounted on a steel frame. You can find it in vertical and horizontal pivot readily. They have whiteboards on both sides in a choice of magnetic or non magnetic boards so they can offer multiple usages. One side can be used for writing and the other side can be used as a notice board depending on the style you have chosen.


These mobile whiteboards are perfect for all kinds of office presentation needs. They are even used in schools for presentation purposes by teacher and students alike. Don’t worry, there is an accessory tray attached to the stand and it is similar to the length of the board. So you can keep the eraser and marker close to hand. It is going to be as useful as a traditional whiteboard but with better functionality and flexibility.

Stable and safe

Although the board can spin and turn, but that is going to make it inconvenient for you to write as you can lock the board and its castors into position. This will offer better stability and safety. The corners of the board come with rounded caps to prevent starches and bumps while using the board. This makes the mobile whiteboards perfectly useful for any business environment.

They can be used for giving presentations too as the beam from the projector can display the screen perfectly. You can move the board to the desired position and start the projector to begin your presentation. This is a functional whiteboard that any business organization would readily need. So, they are not going to be a bad investment and are available at www.topshopas.com


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