Emergency Evacuation Plan for Your Office Using the Personnel Massage Whiteboard In-Out


In - Out Whiteboard PlannerIn this day and age office workers and management no longer have only to be concerned with the risk of fire to their premises, with the unsettled world, the terrorist threat is also a priority.

It is important when a new member of staff starts work they know what emergency procedure has been put in place; it is also important all members of staff are up to date with evacuation procedures, and that is why it is recommended to practice at least twice a year.

Each office is different, but all evacuation procedures are similar, and so is the equipment.

It is important to know which members of staff are in the office and which are not. When the building is evacuated, people can become stressful and are not sure who is in the building and who are not in the building. By using the Personnel Massage Whiteboard In-Out, it is made clear who is in work that day and who is not.

It also allows people to know if a member of staff is out of the building at dinner or a meeting. So when the emergency service asks if there is anyone still left in the building, by using the Personnel Massage Whiteboard In-Out, the person in charge of the evacuation procedure will be able to tell them the correct information.

A large portion of businesses use the Personnel Massage Whiteboard In-Out, not just for emergency procedures but to also know who is in the building at that moment in time in case they are needed.

When a fire is discovered, it is important to take the following steps.

Press the fire alarm
• Make sure people understand it is not a practice
• Call the fire brigade.
• Evacuate the premises
• Meet at the assembly point for a roll call
• Liaison with emergency services.

It is important always to check that emergency equipment is in working order, which includes fire extinguishers.
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